Frequently Asked Questions

How many acres does one device cover?

One device can cover up to 5 to 10 acres if the crop is same, the soil type is same and the field is laser leveled. Our team can further tell you exact acre coverage depending on your field.

What is the price of one device?

One device is given on an yearly lease model. Please contact the team for price on whatsapp number given.

What crops can it cover?

The device can be used on all crops. We have currently tested on banana, cotton, lemon, mango and bitter gourd. 

How do I see the updates from my device?

You can see and monitor your farm parameters on a mobile application (Android and IOS). The mobile app will show you weather parameters, soil moisture levels of your farm, temperature, humidity, etc. Also it will notify you when you need to irrigate your farm.

Are fertilizer requirement sensors available yet?

If you are interested in fertilizer requirement prediction, please leave a message with our team. We will contact you as soon as we release that version. 

How can I order your device? Can you deliver anywhere in Pakistan?

To place an order please contact at the contact number given. 
We can deliver the device any where through courier. The device is easy to install on your own after we guide you through a video chat and guidebook on installation. 
For some areas, where it is possible for our team to travel. we can deploy the device on our own at your farms with a basic installation cost.