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A cloud platform to monitor all parameters of the farm and predict water scheduling, fertilizer requirement, weather updates, pest attack and soil health.

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AquaAgro is Pakistan’s first Agri-Data company offering IoT and AI enabled solutions for precious farming. Farmers can take control of their farms by monitoring all of their farm parameters and taking the right decisions provided by our decision support system. Our hardware devices and software/app platforms can make predictions for 

  • Irrigation scheduling
  • Fertilizer requirement
  • Pest attack prediction
  • Plant disease detection

The farmers can save up to 50% water and costs associated with it such as fuel, electricity, etc. and can grow up to 35% more crop.


Irrigation Scheduling:

Normal farming practices account for excessive waste of water resources which not only the water expenses but also damages crops and the soil health. Through our system the farmer can determine the exact timings and amount of water required for his particular crop and can save up to 50% of water. The water saved can be used to irrigate more areas of land.

Fertilizer Requirement:

Through services, the farmer can determine the exact chemical parameters of his soil and therefore the system can predict the quantity and type of fertilizer required for the particular crops.

Pest Attack Prediction:

The system was real time weather data and crop condition to predict the possibility of the pest attack on the crops and hence will notify the farmer on the quantity and the type of pesticides needed for spray.

Plant Disease Detection:

We are offering a unique solution to detect plant disease through a mobile app. The farm simple takes a picture of the plant through the app and gets notified about the disease on the plant.

Online Portals:

AquaAgro has launched online portals for irrigation scheduling. The portal is currently free to use. The farmer needs to enter his farm details such as crop name, acres, soil types and the system will tell him the timings and quantity of water required for his crops.  

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You can manage quality of your soil from below the roots to the top with exact control and strategy recommendations tailored to your crops. Compare soils between zones and diagnose problem areas. Match fertilizer supply with demand, saving money and increasing yields while improving soil health.

Features and Pricing

Irrigation Req. Node

  • 24/7 Monitoring of Farm
  • Real Time Monitoring of soil moisture, temperature, humidity and many more
  • Irrigation Timing and quantity on mobile app

Irrigation Online Portal

  • Enter your farm crops, area & soil type
  • Find Out irrigation requirement day wise

Plant Disease Detection App

  • Take 3 photos from the app
  • The app will tell you about the disease affecting your plant

Fertilizer Req. Service

  • Real Time Detection of pH, EC, Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium in the soil

Company reserves the right to change the price in the future

Terms and conditions apply on pricing values given.

Technical Consultancy

Technical consultancy can be arranged in 2-hour time slot.

Consultancy can be arranged online using the following mediums: text, screen share, or video call. Useful for solving urgent queries.

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